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Rex Smith

Tegratecs Development Corp.
Sr. Developer (ERP & Web)
Schaumburg, IL
Rex is a Sr. Developer at Tegratecs and enjoys developing business applications in traditional IBM i environments and in web environments.   Rex enjoys interacting with customers and designing business application software that solves problems and meets user needs.  He is currently doing business application development using c#, RPG (both newer and older), ASP.NET, Db2 for i, SQL Server, CLP, SQL PL and T-SQL.

Rex first learned SQL, relational join concepts, and Query by Example at Indiana University, so back in the early years of the IBM midrange he was quick to embrace query tools and OPNQRYF with joins and the ability to set record filtering and key lists at run time. But Rex still gives a thumbs up to RLA (record level access) and READE for traditional IBM i ERP business applications accessing and updating Db2 for i.

For web applications that are to run in the browser, Rex has dedicated quite a bit of time over the last several years learning, prototyping and developing techniques for accessing and updating Db2 for i and SQL Server in web-based business application scenarios. Rex feels there is a bit of a gap in knowledge and technique out there in the world, at least when it comes to maintaining large multi-user operational databases using SQL, with the same level of granularity and concurrency we have grown to expect from our IBM i applications.

Rex would like to pass along techniques he has learned and come to favor in a way that leverages the IBM i developer's existing knowledge base and skill sets.

Rex is Sr. Developer, ERP & Web at Tegratecs Development Corp. based in Schaumburg, IL, a suburb of Chicago.  Although he currently calls Indianapolis his home base, he still does a good amount of services work for clients in the Chicago area and around the Midwest.  Rex was on the Board of The Omni User, a Chicago-based user group focusing on IBM i and surrounding technologies, up through the end of 2020, where he was Membership & Database Director for 9 years.  In his spare time, Rex loves to golf and play keyboards.